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CDG Project Management Seminar

Last night I attended a seminar organised by CDG (Career Development Group) London & South East Divisions on Project Management.
I attended because part of my MA is concerned with Project Management and I thought this might be useful as well as interesting.
Stevie Russell was the speaker, talking about the project to refurbish her library – the Lanaguage and Speech Science Library of UCL.
Stevie covered the issues involved in working with other professions and the minute detail in which you must plan projects like this – an example which I found quite surprising was that they literally measured the books centimetre by centimetre and planned which books would go where on each new shelf.
We then got to see the new and improved library which was very new looking considering that it has been open for a year.
I found Stevie a really engaging speaker and the whole before and after concept of the talk very interesting.

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Ok, this thing is finally up and running.

Please feel free to use the comments to tell me your thoughts on what sort of things should be changed about it. Also recommend links that you think should be available from this blog. I’m investigating the whole guest posting idea. So far the options appear to be either everyone who wants to post is given administrative rights (or possibly writing rights), or posts are given to me and I post them.  I favour the former approach because this blog is intended for new professionals, and not just me, although after discussions today I understand that there are arguments for the latter. Speak your brains.

Update: Just found out about options – people can be added as authors with very little hassle…I’m happy to do that for anyone who wants to have that done to them.

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